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brand differentiation through product innovation


Challenge: Medivision Events is an event management agency that provides end-to-end solutions right from event planning to production. Their trade show division was underperforming due to high price competition and low service differentiation. They wanted to create a unique brand position in the market.

Approach: Over and above secondary research, we conducted extensive in-depth interviews, intercepts and in-field observations. The insights thus generated helped us identify an unmet customer need and an opportunity for a radical intervention.

Response: In a world driven by data and technology, we created a new product offering that transformed the customer experience at the booth while generating rich back-end data for the exhibitor. This product saved the exhibitor wasteful expenditures while created a better sales pipeline. Not only did this create brand differentiation for Medivision but also added a new revenue stream for the business.


The Opportunity

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The Response

An app that creates a personalised and engaging visitor experience that improves brand connect and recall while also creating a database for the company

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All this While generating useful insights for the company on the backend to improves sales and generate leads. 

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// Product Innovation, UX design, Interaction design

// The Design Grid, 2016

// Collaborators: Nilesh Bhalerao (developer)