// Morganizer

Improving the mortgage process for the broker and the client


Challenge: The process of getting a mortgage can be daunting and often feels like a full-time job. We were determined to make it a better experience - for all the stakeholders involved.

Approach: We conducted primary research with the different stakeholders, identified bottlenecks in the ecosystem and created a win-win solution for all the players in the system.

Response: A platform that helps mortgage brokers build capacity by organizing their clients, their information, their conversations and documents all in one place. The single channel communication platform improves their customers’ experience and creates differentiation in a crowded marketplace, thus increasing the chance for referrals.

morganizer screens.jpg

The process of buying a house has its ups and downs - especially emotionally!

The customer journey map shows the processes and emotional journey of the current mortgage experience - not a pleasant one for the most part.

morganizer journey map.png

The Opportunity

Mortgage brokers spend a majority of their time communicating with their clients across multiple channels that further complicates this oscillating process. For the customer, this is a big life decision and comes bundled with anxiety and stress about their progress. Decisions are taken as a couple and ensuring everyone is on the same page is challenging. This was an opportunity for a broker to differentiate her service in a competitive market by creating a single, transparent communication channel between her and the client.


Morganizer helps mortgage brokers improve their efficiency so that they can focus on making more people’s home-owning dreams into realities.


// Design Research, Service Design, UX, Experience Design

// Parsons School of Design, 2017

// Collaborators: Abhishek Nair, Cristina Robles, Jennifer Hsieh